In a fiercely competitive market, manufacturers’ and service providers need to cast their nets wide to stand a chance of being noticed by the consumers. What sponsored contents and activities offer towards this end is unparalleled. Visibility is key in the battle of market outreach which at TechDigg we strive to align the position and credentials of your service and products deliverables with the consumers while at the same time offering perceptive analysis of the same.

Advertorials Sponsorships

Advertorial stems from fusing two ideologies: editorial and advertisement. Simply put it serves to simulate editorial content with a hidden agenda of conveying the objectives of a specific brand. It offers one of the proven channels to get the attention of your ideal audiences.

TechDigg is in the business of increasing your digital brand awareness and consequently sales of your product. A typical brand review will consist of about 750-1000 words including your signature brand photos. The estimated readership of your sponsored article is slightly above 60k.

The message is roped in what the consumer stands to gain. Editorials sound less of an advertisement gimmick. An attribute that echoes David Ogilvy sentiments that say, “It has been found that the less an advertisement looks like an advertisement and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look and read.” He foretold the banner blindness phenomenon and offered a solution to it. A lesson which is taken seriously at TechDigg: a soft canvassing for your product through our blog sponsored reviews.


Featured Articles

After selecting the topic and theme of your product, your task ends there. Using qualified writers at TechDigg, your article would be delivered in a timely fashion with a characteristic inclusion of the sponsors’ style and emblem. The sponsored content coalesce in the home page sponsored content section. A 7-day freeze of your sponsored article on our front page garners over 400k impression.  Do the math of the conversion opportunity at your disposal. It’s a massive return on investment.


Social Package

Social media presents a cost effective marketing tool that eventually contributes to consumer conversions.  At TechDigg, we will envision to run a social campaign of your brand on our social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for a week.  The numbers of the social media users are on a trajectory cutting across age groups. Facebook, for instance, has seen a growth of content consumption by 57 % in the previous two years. Stating the obvious social media remains a landmine yet to be fully exploited. A social campaign running a single post daily for 7 days on our three social platforms translate to 21 social posts with over 100k viewership projections.


Newsletter Sponsorship

Newsletter sponsorship offers an opportunity to rope in professional audiences as well as new market niche. It’s an ancient fact that birds of the same feathers flock together. Guided by the age old fact, at TechDigg will align your brand with our ever growing newsletter audience inclinations. TechDigg presents a prospect for 3 featured placement with a potential circulation of over 130k.

Bar the fluidity of the open rates, you are staring at highs of 22% and a click through of 4.7%.  A single newsletter circulation has the potential of generating 10-25 k impression at worst and 30-75k impression at best!


YouTube Review/Unboxing Videos

With the dawning of e-commerce, consumer’s right to first feel and review their soon to be purchased merchandise is robbed of them. Just like the evolution process, consumers have to respond to this shortcoming. Enters unboxing videos and YouTube reviews. Current statistics rank YouTube as the second most popular website worldwide. Our run time product video review will be pegged between 3-5 minutes. To give credence to unboxing videos, at TechDigg we underscore the importance of content-based related production videos. The viewership is burgeoning and you won’t want to miss a piece of the market visibility pie.

User reviews platforms also offer you a chance to monitor and evaluate the market reception of your product. That’s where TechDigg comes in: giving an honest independent review of your product while encouraging conversation and at the same time conducting a cold sell on your products behalf. Celebrity endorsements and adverts no longer tilt the balance!